Planning a Day Trip to Edam, Netherlands (Day Trippin’)

I recently decided to plan a small day trip to the town of Edam, Netherlands, which is suppose to be very beautiful. However, I was a little hesitant after I researched what the best route was and looked into the train schedules, etc. Why? Well take a look…

Edam Directions

First and foremost, I have to take the “Bus Mermaid”, whatever that is, I have no idea. Secondly, after I get off of this mythical form of transportation, I must “RUN”! And the kicker is, I need to run for 9 MINUTES! What am I running from? I can only assume that once you step off of the “Bus Mermaid” it is not happy. And because my Dutch language butchering American ass pronounces Edam (EAT-EM), I can only assume I am lunch. So you need to run, run fast, and run far. 9 whole minutes far. So…. I decided that maybe I’d do a little more research before booking that little trip or at least start hitting the gym to build up my stamina to outrun that warlock.


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