Amazing Finds at Albert Heijn, Pt 1


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When I moved to Amsterdam the first thing I asked myself when we got settled in the new apartment was, “where the hell is the nearest grocery store”? I am sure most of us ask ourselves this exact question whether moving to a new neighborhood, city, or country. For one, you need to stock your new refrigerator, and secondly, moving works up an appetite that can only be satisfied with 20 dollars/euros/pounds of groceries (at least for me, because at that point, I want EVERYTHING).

Low and behold…. Albert Heijn! They are easy to find (just look for the big “AH” logo) and they are all over the city.

Yes, this post has parts because I am amazed every time I go to this store and find something else that is incredibly (I have to buy this shit right now) AWESOME!

First of all, if you do go to this store, or any store in the Netherlands, and you do not speak Dutch… Google Translate!! It is the key to an optimum shopping experience. And trust me, you WILL need it at times. I bought and ate rabbit once because I was unaware that “Konijn” meant rabbit and… well, it looked liked some real stellar chicken thighs. To say the least, it was DELISH!

In any case, below are some of my favorite, must have, items. They are delicious, cheap, and sometimes, highly addictive.

Fresh Mozzarella…

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In the states, I couldn’t find this lovely hunk of cheese anywhere for under $3.00. And yes, that includes the ever so reliable… Trader Joe’s. At Albert Heijn, it’s .45 euro. No need to wipe your eyes, you read it correctly… .45 euro! That is 2 for under a buck (sorry for the US currency slang). A definite must have for any cheese eating household.


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For those of you who are not familiar with Tzatziki, it is a Greek sauce that will make a grown man weak in the knees (I swear it only happened once). I never tried this particular sauce until recently. I like to call this yogurt-ty, whipped wonder…. Crack Sauce! Why, you ask. Well, it’s simple. I can’t stop eating the stuff! I put it on everything, and maybe I am not stressing that enough… EVERYTHING! I put it on chicken, steak, vegetables, in my cereal, on the sidewalk, in my coffee, on my dog, I comb my hair with it, I lather my face and shave with it… Ugh, I think I need help. (Warning: Constant and improper use of “crack sauce” can lead to multiple daily trips to Albert Heijn markets, meaningless purchases of things to dip in it, divorce, mood swings, etc.). You’ve been warned!

Joppie Chips…

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Oh boy… Another addictive, yet cheap, purchase. I found “Joppie” as a sauce that I could add to my fries at “Chipsy King” and it tasted delicious. Then I stumbled upon Joppie flavored chips in Albert Heijn one day and well, the rest is history. By the way, this is my AH memoir from prison because I almost killed a man for these crispy little wonders of the world. The only potato chip on the market that will make you do stupid, regrettable things to get them. “Bet you can’t eat just one.”

Aardappel Salade – aka Bucket-O-Potato Salad…

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What can I say? It’s a bucket, it’s potato salad, and it’s “1 kilo”!… But, it’s only 1.69 euro! And for those who are on a budget, look no further. It’s good, filling, and cheap. For me, not only is it easy and convenient, it is great comfort food. It’s kind of like the man’s version of the mopey, sad woman’s ice cream fix. I sometimes sit on my sofa watching reruns of “Friends” wondering why Ross and Rachel won’t just get back together (oops… I meant while watching Deadliest Catch. I hope they catch all the crab.), with my shovel sized spoon, digging into my Bucket-O-Potato Salad. It just makes life a little better!

Stay tuned for Part 2! Until then, Go Albert or Go Home!



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