Let’s Do This!

If you, and by you, I mean my followers of, or anyone who is interested in My Random Amsterdam, would like to share a random, funny photo relating to Amsterdam or other places you may have traveled, shoot me a message and we can post it to the blog for you. We could call this…. Not Instagram, but, wait for it… AMSTERGRAM! (#it’s mine and you can’t use it #nanny nanny boo boo #patent pending #clever as hell #it’s a thing or at least it will be). Let’s do this people of Amsterdam and my fellow travelers of the world! Let’s share the awesomeness that we experience in our daily lives, not only in the great cities we live, but the randomness we come across while traveling to other places.

You will find the AmsterGRAM contact info and instructions under the AmsterGRAM tab at the top of our blog page.

(Thanks for the messages/posts in advance).


2 thoughts on “Let’s Do This!

  1. I just found your blog, and I love it! I am loving this #amsterGRAM idea!! I’ll totally help you get this up and running as soon as I get to the Dam – moving there in September on a whim and cannot wait 🙂


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