Zaanse Schans, Netherlands (Day Trippin’)

I spent the day in this charming little Dutch village just outside of Amsterdam (about a 10 minute train ride) and had a lot of fun. If you like to be outside, especially when the weather is nice and sunny, then I suggest giving it a shot. Old windmills, canals, beers, chocolates, and of course, the very first Albert Heijn (for those who already know my obsession with Albert Heijn from a previous entry)!!

Also, there is a workshop that demonstrates how the famous Dutch wooden shoes are made. I think it’s time I get a pair! After watching how they are made and seeing all the different styles/designs they come in, I am convinced that these bad boys could give Nike’s “Air Jordans” a run for their money. And at cheaper costs!

In any case, if you have a free day or even a few hours and want a cheap getaway out of the city, then check it out. But remember, don’t feed the animals! And for good reason…

Photo Source (all): Michael Skomsky/myrandomamsterdam


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