Amazing Finds at Albert Heijn, Pt 2


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Here we go again people! This is the second installment of “Amazing Finds at Albert Heijn”. If you are just joining My Random Amsterdam, you can read “Amazing Finds at Albert Heijn, Pt 1″ in the categories section of the sidebar.

So, of course I found some more astounding, mouth watering, blow my mind types of treats at Albert Heijn again. Let’s get started!

Chocolade Vla…

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I thought I was purchasing chocolate milk, which at the time I was craving for some odd reason. Actually, that’s not odd because I love chocolate milk. Who doesn’t? However, when I arrived home and opened the carton, I did what any person would do and took a nice big gulp from the carton. To my surprise, the chocolate “milk” was very thick. Was it bad? It didn’t taste bad, I can tell you that much! It actually tasted amazing. I thought, hmm, did I actually buy milk? I Google translated “Chocolade Vla” and it turns out that I actually purchased Chocolate Custard. In a carton?!!! In any case, this was like drinking a Jell-O Pudding cup, which if you are familiar with them, then you know they are damn good. So, overall I was pleasantly pleased and surprised with the purchase and still drink that chocolaty goodness! Of course from the carton.

Brioche Bread (loaf)…

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I bought this bread one day to make Eggs Rothkus. I took one bite and it is the fluffiest, most mouth watering bread I have ever tasted. It is so soft, I almost expected the Snuggles Laundry Detergent bear to come floating down from the sky. What’s even better, is that I decided to lightly toast a few slices and used them as a bun for cheeseburgers that I made: CAN I GET AN AMEN!! I can put 2 slices of this heavenly stuff around anything… A burger, ham and cheese, breaded chicken, a piece of wood even! I’ll do it, it’s that good.

Kokos Drink…

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What can I say? Coconut milk, but a little thicker. I can’t just sip it, I have to funnel it into my mouth as fast as I can. If I could attach it to my body via an intravenous drip… Trust me, I would!

Albert Heijn Ice Cream Cones…


Photo Source: Michael Skomsky/myrandomamsterdam

Oh boy! Have you ever had a “King Cone”? Well these come close! AH Basic? Not so “Basic” at all! And that’s saying something considering I am a King Cone snob. However in the States a King Cone can cost you about $2, for only one… AH Basics: 1.20 euro. I KNOW!!! And it’s for 8 cones! Ice cream cones with chocolate on top and these little crunchy caramel pieces too!… YES PLEASE!! I buy this particular wonder of the world in a box that contains 8 cones. I get home and there are about 5 left. By the end of the night… None! Ate them, didn’t share, and loved every second of those bad boys. Try them and tell me you don’t form a problem.

Puppy Toilet Paper…


Photo Source: Michael Skomsky/myrandomamsterdam

Well, here it is! Puppies on toilet paper. Not much to say without getting into details that I doubt anyone wants to hear. But I will say one thing. It makes wiping so much more enjoyable! Poor little pups 😉

So there you have it! Another great day at the market. Until next time, try these must have groceries!


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