Shark Week!! (Or Lack Thereof)

shark 5 Photo Source:

As an expat, one thing I miss about living in the states compared to living in Amsterdam, aside from Wawa, Trader Joe’s and automatic transmissions, was the hype that surrounded the approach and start of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

Sure, I see the occasional commercial, but that’s only if you have the premium cable package that includes particular channels such as the Discovery Channel. If not, then you wouldn’t even know it existed here.

In the states I could go to a gas station to fill up my car and the pump attendant would ask, “You getting excited, dude?” About what? “SHARK WEEK MAN!!!”

I’m guilty too, as I would put a huge dorsal fin on the roof of my car and pump the theme to Jaws. No shame in my game! I even rolled the windows down! (Were gonna need a bigger car) 😉

See what I mean?

Even my mom called me the other day on my birthday. Was it to wish me a Happy Birthday? Nope! It was just a friendly reminder that Shark Week was coming up. They take Shark Week pretty serious on that side of the pond.

It was like a holiday, a celebration, another reason to look forward to summer. Who doesn’t love sharks?

Well, Amsterdam, I guess we could celebrate Herring Week instead. We can all go apeshit and shove loads of pickled herring in our mouths while listening to some “House Music” 🙂 Sounds like a damn good plan!

shark4 Photo Source:



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