What is a Smart Shop? I Was Way Off!


Photo: psicotropia.wordpress.com                                    Photo: campusblog.nl

When I first moved to Amsterdam and saw these “Smart Shops”, I honestly thought they were some sort of small electronics stores selling little gizmos and gadgets. I mean, it is a “Smart Shop” after all.

However, it is the complete opposite as it’s a shop that sells organic, legalized drugs from your magic mushrooms, to your cannabis seeds in which you can grow your own marijuana and of course, endless paraphernalia. You can see where one could get confused considering when anyone consumes these types of drugs… Well, the side effects don’t exactly scream “smart”.

Let’s just say it was a little awkward when I walked in, took a confused look around and asked, “Do you sell 16GB Flash drives?”

Ummm, NO!

I guess it’s safe to say that if you consume too much of what they offer and malfunction, there won’t be a “Geek Squad” a la Best Buy (an American electronics store) to come to your rescue.

The name could be a little more straightforward such as, Get High Here ← or more cleverly, The Little Shop of Horrors/Dreams, depending on one’s experience.

If your curious, go in, act accordingly and take a look around. But remember that flash drives, scientific calculators or anything of that nature is not available.


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