I’m a freelance writing expat living in Amsterdam (NYC transplant). Like all cities, Amsterdam has its fun, quirky, unique and random situations and scenarios. So join me on my journey through this awesome city as well as my travels to other places as I share the silly “randomness” with you!

Also, if you are interested in creative writing, then feel free to check out another blog of mine… http://www.minusthetown.wordpress.com

It includes poetry, short stories, etc.

And if you are into food and like to eat/cook, then check out another one of my blogs that I have just started… http://www.bachelorpadrecipes.wordpress.com

It is about recipes that I make with anything from leftovers, stuff laying around the cabinets and refrigerator, and budget friendly groceries. They can be easy, tasty, yet sometimes an unorthodox combination of ingredients.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Your posts literally made me LOL. I came across this blog by accident. I was originally researching Amsterdam since I am going to be traveling there in a couple of months. Thanks for sharing!


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