Bieber Keeps on Truckin’ (AmsterGRAM)

I’m aware that Justin Bieber has been making waves in the media, and not for good reasons. He’s been upsetting a lot of other celebrities with his asinine actions and I’m sure after while, people will have had enough of him.

However, with these trucking school ads I found in a cafe bathroom, he must be planning for the inevitable collapse of his career. (What’s odd is I’ve been coming across a lot of fun things in bathrooms lately. The place to be, I guess!)

“Hit the Road”, Bieber, and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more…. Has it really come to this point already?

He is even wearing the cliche “Trucker Hat”. Go Biebs!

Note: For you crazy “Beliebers”…. Before you get all fanatical, crazed and start revolting, know that this may not even be him. It just looks eerily like him and without fingerprints or dental records to prove otherwise… Well, then it’s him!

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)

Photo Source: Michael Skomsky/myrandomamsterdam


A Little Fun in the Bathroom (AmsterGRAM)

Urinating made fun! (Sorry if that sounds gross).

Just a little something I came across while hitting the bathroom in Cafe “De Groene Vlinder” (The Green Butterfly) in De Pijp.

When finished, I simply ran up the stairs screaming “GOOOOAAAAALLLLL”!!! A few funny looks from other patrons and I was on my way. No big deal, just a typical night in Amsterdam 🙂

photo 5

Photo Source: Michael Skomsky/myrandomamsterdam

Burning Fat in Haarlem, Netherlands! (AmsterGRAM)

Eating healthy and staying in shape is important, especially if you want to keep up with the Dutch in those chaotic bike lanes. However, no one likes to diet on stuff that doesn’t fulfill their ultimate cravings such as ice cream, burritos, pizza, and potato chips. Well, people, the diet of the future is here!

A little (or a lot) of farting goes a long way!

photo (3)

Photo Source: Michael Skomsky/myrandomamsterdam

The Spanish Farmer’s Delight (AmsterGRAM)

I recently visited Barcelona, Spain and it was nothing short of amazing. Barcelona is a great city with a lot to see and offer. However, I love to eat, and I will eat almost anything, which is why I fell in love with La Boqueria market located on the Ramblas. It’s an outstanding place to grab some fresh meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables whether you are planning a huge family dinner or just looking for some quick, small snacks to enjoy a nice little picnic. I did, however, come across this one of a kind treat that I can only assume has all the necessary nutrients. Yes, it’s the “Penis Pepper”…

Photo Source: Michael Skomsky/myrandomamsterdam

Interior Decorating at Its Finest (AmsterGRAM)

Cheap wallpaper? Why not? Of course the Dutch love to drink their beer, love a great value, and are not very wasteful people. So why not take recycling to a whole new level, save money and redecorate your bathroom with this awesome display of beer bottle label wallpaper. A little Mod Podge and a whole lot of beer and you’re golden. Try it!


Photo Source: Michael Skomsky/myrandomamsterdam

Typically Dutch (AmsterGRAM)

Typically Dutch…

typically dutch

Photo Source: Michael Skomsky/myrandomamsterdam

A typical Dutch weekend afternoon in Amsterdam. Friends gossiping, sipping beers and wine, eating cheese and meat, smoking cigarettes, laughing and of course, the token lap dog.

Cafe Heuvel: Located at Prinsengracht 568 (corner of Prinsengracht and Nieuw Spiegelstraat).,4.8877947,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x78616dfa68049fb4

If you are in town or looking for a nice, local place to grab a drink, I advise checking this place out. They also have outside seating which has a beautiful canal view and great people watching (if you are into that). In any case, I definitely recommend stopping by to get a taste of the local culture.